my boyfriend was tired tonight and wanted to go to sleep early. he asked me to write him a cute paragraph that he could wake up to in the morning and smile at. sooo i did. and i thought i would share what i came up with…:
from the moment we started talking, i saw that you were lost and looking for a purpose. you didn’t think anyone would want to be with you. i could see why because this world is a big bad place. this society is fucked up. a lot of people judge before knowing the person. not all people are good. you were looking for a good person. i taught you right from the start that looks dont matter.  looks do not define who you are inside. your personality is what matters. and i started to make you feel better about yourself. i said you were cute. i wasnt lying. you are SUPER cute. you are definately the cutest. and you have a great personality. and a great laugh. and the cutest smile ever. you are the sweetest guy in the world. you make me smile even if i’ve had the worst day ever. you make me smile with everything you do. i can tell you anything. i can trust you with anything. i love how innocent you are. i love your atitude.  you are definately one of the greatest guys out there in this big bad world. you are good. you are special and unique. you are cute. you are sweet. you are nice. you are amazing. and you are all mine. i love you to the moon and back baby. forever and always<3  :)

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